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What People Are Saying About Super Knocked Up

“Super Knocked Up is one of the coolest geekiest nerdiest shows on the net. I want in!”
- Mark Christopher Lawrence, Big Mike from Chuck

“Very funny, well-produced and certain to break out in a big way.”
- Adam Belanoff, Co-Executive Producer, TNT’s The Closer

“Super Knocked Up is hilarious. The show is creative and original. You got a new fan.”
-Ryan Bemjamin, Comic Book Artist, Batman, Detective Comics, Wildc.a.t.s., Iron Man; www.ryanbenjamin.com/

“Nice twist on the classic set-up. Really looking forward to see where this goes!”
- Eduardo Sanchez, Writer/Director, The Blair Witch Project

“I’m pretty much addicted to the show now! I’ve also checked out your guys site which is amazing! ”
- Brice Davenport, @Deadm15, http://www.deadm15.blogspot.com

“Once again u guys redefine the standard of excellence. Not just for SKU, but 4 all web shows”
-Eros Arocho, @Hunters Realm on Season 2, Episode 3.

“Super Knocked Up is easily my favorite scripted web series since The Guild. A hilarious and sexy web series!”
- Scorpio Moon, ComicBooked.com

“I Love Super Knocked Up! It is up there with Big Bang Theory!”
- John L. Dacpano, Jr., Gofreakmedia.com

“Super Knocked Up gets my vote! It’s the perfect mixture of messed up romance and comedy to make every geek giddy! It’s well written and definitely well cast and the entire cast and crew is super involved in the community of fans, doing weekly hangouts answering fan questions. If you haven’t seen Super Knocked Up, you are missing out!”
- Marcia McHale @TheAlwaysGeeky

“Super Knocked Up is one of the best well developed web shows, The chemisty from the cast to the writing to the score it’s great. If I did not know it was a web series I would have thought it was a regular TV show.”
- Gregory Hall, The Greg and Jenn Show

“‘Super Knocked Up’ is super fun, super charming, and super entertaining. You’ll find yourself rooting for the ever endearing super villain Darkstar and looking forward to her super shenanigans with the adorable Captain Amazing. Finally, a show from a female super villains perspective! Did I mention that this show is super? Check it out!”
- Giselle B, Defective Geeks Podcast

“In the noisy world of Internet TV, it’s not easy capturing eyeballs… unless you’re writer/director Jeff Burns and your Show is Super Knocked Up! The sexy comedy series has amassed over 1 Million views on KoldCast TV. Why? Because it all starts with Episode 1. When you nail it (pun intended), good things happen. Superhero + Supervillian + One Night Stand + Comedy/Great Writing = Super Knocked Up Success! Don’t miss it!”
– David S. Samuels, CEO, KoldCast TV

“If you aren’t following and watching @SuperKnockedUp You better get off Twitter! ”
-Julz Hendricks (GirlsLoveSuperheroes) @JulzHendricks, Panel 2 Panel

“I think the series is a genius idea.”

“The #SuperMashedUp eps are the best thing since peanut butter, btw. Huge fan of ‘em.”
- Limited Release Podcast @lmtdrelease

“Love the new shows… has had me ROTF LMAO!!!”

“Team Captain Amazing! Where’s the Fangirls Club sign up? Super Knocked Up brought a smile to my face and had me rooting for the super villain, Jessica/Darkstar, the whole way through. Can’t wait to see this web series go above and beyond!”
- Dianne, aka Space Pirate Queen, Defective Geeks Podcast

“Sexy and fun!”
- Mike Deodato, Jr., Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Incredible Hulk

“Super Knocked is not only funny but creator Jeff Burns knows how to mix drama and story with his outstanding cast. I can’t wait for Season 2!”
- Eric Won, Writer/Director, The Division

“A fresh and exciting new concept in the superhero genre!”
- Mark McKenna, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Batman, Punisher

“LOL! Seriously, this is so fresh, I love it! I was just checking out the live action stuff too… very fun and clever.”
- Jeff Suter, Senior Art Director, Marvel Entertainment, Host of The Mighty Marvel Podcast

“Oh, i love this show so damn much!”
- kai1068 via YouTube

“Truly fun stuff!”
- Ain’t It Cool News

“Super Knocked Up’s effortless readability is one of the best things about this piece. With a plot that is reminiscent of a Judd Apatow movie, and coloring and illustrations that are clear and vibrant in a classic comic style, Super Knocked Up is sure to please every reader.”
- Jaclyn Triebel, Comics Detectives

“Brilliant! Funny, well-acted, tightly written and produced… How the hell have I not heard of this before?!”
- Leonard Sultana @lennyukdeejay

“You guys are amazing and I am proud to be a fan!”
- @MarciaMcHale

“Love the show! Amazing writing!”
- Justin Lee, Writer/Director, Embers of War: The Series

“Darkstar is deliciously bad.”
- Scorpio Moon, Scorpions Tale Podcast (Comicbooked.com)

“I’m very titillated!”
- Meescha Dare, Surfing Aliens podcast

“Dude this show is insane. I mean I had high hopes for it but those just freakin skyrocketted! The sexiest, funniest, badass web series!”
- Jared Spangler

- Ginger Anne London

“It’s hard not to like SKU… A great, simple idea that took great talent to simply realize…”
- Rodney Blackwell @SamoanBlack

“Not only is it funny. It’s original! I fell in love with this story from the get go! Bring on more Eps.!!!!”
- @MarciaMchale

“I want more! I want it now!!! How long do we have to wait for Darkstar and Captain A to rescue us from boredom?”
- Marcello Lanfranchi, Creator/Writer, Tomorrow Waits for No One

“A great series. Original content on the web is so rare these days.”
- Angi Viper @angiviper

“The premise was so funny I had to see it! It’s inspired. You know how you see someone do something & think ‘Why didn’t I think of it?’ It’s that!”
- Cameron Yarde, Jr. @cameronyardejnr

“Combining heroes and villains in one of the funniest ways in the multiverse.”
- Shay Revolver @socialslumber13

“A great web series that is not only funny, but has a great heart.”
- Justin Beard

“Crossword question, what is a five letter word for awesome? Oh yeah, BOOYA! A fantastic start of a web series. My compliments to the cast and crew. Can’t wait for the next episode.”

“Oh. My. God. Freakin hilarious!”
- JenMarvelGirl

“This is a great show! I wish this was on network television!”
- American Dark Age

- Real Time Tweets! @CelebrityFind

“A very fresh, original, and entertaining take on the superhero genre.”
- The Observer

“It’s awesome – epic storytelling.”
- Wil Lockie

“Wow this new web series is awesome! I can’t wait to see more. Love the show!!!!
- Juan Lords

“I am so anticipating the first and every episode after that of this series. Premise is awesome and the stills that have come out leave me drooling for more!”
- Tammy Anderson

“(My) most anticipated Web series premiere! I can’t wait.”
- L33t Geek Simon Gregory

“Real pro job. I really want to see this show. Very steamy! And the concept is awesome”
- Robert Taylor, Inspired Viewpoints Magazine

“…pilot!!pilot!!pilot!!!! …major networks would be FOOLS not to sign this as a series! One season~ just give it one season! THIS IS GENIUS!!!”
- Lissa Owens