Super Geeked Up Episodes 31-40

Episode 31 – Superhero/Villain Babies, Summer Movies!

We break down our new Super Knocked Up episode: Season 2 – Episode 3 “Super-Baby!” with some of our most awesome fans joining us on the show! Plus we talk unlikely superhero/villain hookups, super-babies, summer movies, and a Darkstar and Captain Amazing pinup calendar!

Episode 32 – Sex with Superman, Best Superhero Squads, and Favorite Actors!

Okay we’ve all had the discussion right? Can Lois or another woman have sex with Superman? Well find out the answer on this episode! Plus would sex with The Flash be over before is started or would his “vibrations” be just what a girl needs (total credit to Caroline Sharp @csharp7 for the vibrations line). Plus we pick our favorite superhero and non-superhero squads and favorite actors. All in one super-geeky show with our beautiful, adorkable lead actress Jourdan Gibson and amazing leading man Mark Pezzula.

Episode 33 – The Geekie Awards, Best Superman Actor, Thongs

The super-talented, beautiful, fun, and geeky Kristen Nedopak joins us to talk about the upcoming The Geekie Awards, we discuss our favorite Superman actors, and for some reason get to talking about Captain Amazing wearing a thong :)

Episode 34 – Comic-Con, Action Flick Chick, Geeks and Gamers Anonymous

San Diego Comic-Con is almost here!! We talk with Katrina Hill, aka Action Flick Chick, and Alex Langely, co-creators of web series Geeks and Gamers Anonymous about what we’re most looking forward to at Comic-Con and the Webseries Creators Assemble! panel we’ll be on with Katrina and Alex :) Plus we decide who would play us in a biopic about our life and what companion we’d take along with us if we were The Doctor.

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Episode 35 – HIJACKED!

While Jeff and Jourdy are at SDCC participating in the Web Series Assemble Panel, Tim Keaty from Surfing Aliens, Jenn Nangle from Guides, and Kiri Callaghan from Wit and Whimsey take over. Join us as they present their version of the Super Geeked Up Web Show!

Episode 36 – San Diego Comic-Con Recap!

Just back from San Diego Comic-Con 2013 we talk about our amazing adventures there and the coolest stuff we did and saw! Plus we share what our dream panels at Comic-Con are and who we’d love to cosplay as :) Check out this super-fun episode!

Episode 37 – Blair Witch Director Eduardo Sanchez, Bigfoot, Star Wars

Watch this super-fun and cool episode as The Blair Witch Writer/Director Eduardo Sanchez stops by to talk the new anthology horror film he’s part of: V/H/S/2 as well as his upcoming Bigfoot movie Exists. Plus geeky stuff like his amazing Star Wars collection and how he wants to direct an episode of the next season of Super Knocked Up! So awesome!

Episode 38 – Superhero Musicals, Villain Babysitters & Espionage!

It’s Super Knocked Up: The Musical! Listen to our fans come up with hilarious song suggestions like “Never Shoulda Knocked You Up” and “Mama Said Knock You Up”. Plus Meescha Dare from Espionage Cosmetics swings by to talk about their amazing geeky products and Kickstarter Campaign! And Tim Keaty from Surfing Aliens also joins us to discuss the best Superhero Babysitters :)

Episode 39 – Geek Girls Extravaganza!

We geek out with a bevy of awesome geeky ladies on this edition of Super Geeked Up! And find out how to use tribble as a sexual reference :) Plus we talk Star Wars: Ep. VII, Avengers 2, Superman vs. Batman, and what cast reunions we’d like to see!

Episode 40 – Super Geeked Up vs. Mark Christopher Lawrence from Chuck

Super-funny actor and stand-up comedian Mark Christopher Lawrence, aka Big Mike on amazing TV show Chuck, is our super-special guest tonight! We talk about him guest starring on Super Knocked Up, his favorite episodes on Chuck, what shows he would love to be on, and big boobs! Also, check out the great charity he’s working with :)

ACT Today Autism Care and Treatment Charity

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