Super-Fun Q&A with Actress Natalie Bain:

Favorite movies/TV shows of all time?
I grew up watching a ton of TV and Movies so there are way too many to count…it wasn’t until later in life that I realized I was just “studying my craft” haha.  But these days I love watching Jeopardy, The Office and any movie with Will Ferrell or Tom Hanks.  
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Is traveling through time a superpower?  If so…I want that.  
Who’s your favorite superhero?
 Sloth from the Goonies
Who’s your favorite super-villain?
 Gotta say the Joker!
Favorite superhero movie?
 I really love all of the Batman movies.
What’s your favorite dance move (or dance move you wish you could do)?
 I can only disclose that I am very well known for busting out the running man and the roger rabbit…saying any more may impede on dominating future dance-offs!  
Why did you decide to come on board Super Knocked Up?
 I had worked with Jeff a few years ago on another project, I really enjoyed working with him but what really did it for me was the script.  It was so well written and as soon as I was finished, I knew I had to be a part of this project!
What’s your favorite scene so far in Super Knocked Up?
 Without a doubt, kicking all of the security guards’ butts with the baby strapped to me.  Not only was it so fun to do a fight scene but the ridiculousness of having the baby strapped to me was just hilarious.  
What’s the best part about being a superhero/villain?
 Being able to play a part that I’m not usually cast as.  I have always been seen as the sweet, innocent character, so it has been really great to be able to show my darker side…even though Jessica has a bit of a soft side too.  ; ) 
Any funny moments on set you’d like to share?
 There were far too many…but I was most likely involved in 90% of them.  
What movie or show would you love to star in or have made (besides SKU of course)?
 I would love to have a recurring role on The Office. 
If a super-villain came up to you on the street, what would you do?
 Push Mark in between the super-villain and myself and run like heck. 
Favorite cartoon from when you were a kid?
 I was a huge fan of “Gummy Bears” and “My Little Ponies” 
Best Saved by the Bell character?
 Too tough of a question, I love them all…even Jessie’s step-brother Eric 
Who does the best E.T. impersonation on set?
I would love to see someone just TRY to beat me in an “E.T. off” 
Cookies and Milk or Pizza and Soda?
 Oreos and Skim Milk….the skim milk makes me feel better about the calories in the Oreos 
If you were the star of a reality show, what would it be called?
My Ridiculous Life  
What actor/actress would you love to guest star in Super Knocked Up?
 Will Ferrell
Which SKU cast/crew member would be most likely to dress up as a superhero outside of the set?
 Probably Jeff…he does love that Superman T-Shirt 
Best saying on the SKU set and who says it?
 If we were going by frequency I would say myself and “That’s what she said”….it’s a habit you just can’t break.