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Jourdan Gibson – “Jessica James/Darkstar”

Jourdan Gibson was born and raised in West Texas. She first began acting at the age of 5, and her love of the craft has grown every year since.

Jourdan attended Baylor University and then went on to earn her Entrepreneurial and Technology Law Degree from Pepperdine School of Law. Upon graduating from law school, she jumped in and completed a one-year intensive MBA program at the Acton School of Business.

Throughout her business and legal education, Jourdan continued to study acting for film, character development, and improv. Most recently, she’s studied at the Bill Howey Acting Studio and at Upright Citizens Brigade. Jourdan was the lead in CELL: The Web Series and had the lead role in the ensemble cast of the SAG independent feature film Night at the Builtman.

Jourdan is beyond excited to be part of the amazing team of Super Knocked Up as Darkstar! Numbers 1 and 2 on her list of dreams have always been 1) Become a Super Hero, and 2) Become Sydney Bristow’s sidekick. Looks like she’ll get the chance to be a SUPER VILLAIN instead! Which, let’s be honest…sounds like a lot more fun.

Super-Fun Q&A with Jourdan

Mark Pezzula – “Michael Masters/Captain Amazing”

Mark Pezzula was born in Albany NY area and has spent 30 of his 32 years living there, taking a year to major in Partying at Plattsburgh State University then moving to Binghamton NY for another year to work.

Mark is a full-time state worker, a full-time stepfather, a full-time husband, and a part-part-time actor. He occasionally gets to a movie, still likes gaming at 32, and acts in films for people who are so desperate they can’t find anyone else. Jeff Burns was desperate for a super-hero, Mark was desperate to be one, and thus was cast in Super Knocked Up.

Mark got his Bachelor’s Degree in English from the State University of New York at Albany, and promptly put it to good un-use by getting a job with the New York State Department of Labor, spending the last 11 years working a desk job while absolutely not studying acting but occasionally working behind the scenes on local short films. He was blown-up by aliens as an extra in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds (a dream come true, honestly), and helped populate the background of Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock as a college hippie.

Although he enjoys acting immensely, the only things Mark really needs in life are his wife, stepson, and a cold beer. He has the first two on lock, but is always looking for someone kind enough to buy him the third.

Super-Fun Q&A with Mark

Yvonne Perry – “Mom”

Yvonne Perry is a professional actress residing in upstate NY.  This is her third foray into web-series.  She also plays “Valerie” on EMPIRE and “Jennifer” in EsCAPE.  When not manipulating super-heroes and super-villains, you can catch up with Yvonne teaching at UAlbany, selling furniture and real estate on TV (neither of which she does in real life), pretending she knows what she’s talking about in countless industrial films, or treading the boards on one of the regional stages.   www.yvonneperry.com

Super-Fun Q&A with Yvonne

David Bunce – “Dr. Destruction”

Currently a Teacher/Artist-in-Residence at Russell Sage College, David was a Teacher/Actor and the resident Stage Combat Teacher/ Choreographer for the NYS Theatre Institute for 27 years. He is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors, Actors Equity Association and United University Professions. Favorite acts of violence include three productions of Noises Off for the Bloomsburg Theatre, Pa., SUNY Albany and Russell Sage College, Seafarer for Cap Rep., Macbeth, King of Shadows, Romeo and Juliet, Man of La Mancha, The Killings Tale and  Wait Until Dark for NYSTI,  Lonely Planet, and Shakespeare’s Power Plays for SUNY, Romeo and Juliet and Richard III for SCCC and Hamlet for Siena College. Film work includes Waste of Candy for Perpetual Honey Productions, Arachnia for Edgewood Studios, Nate Dogg for Damage Films and fights for the web series Super Knocked Up.

Daniela Malave – “Darcy Danger”

As a dancer, Daniela fell in love with performing at a very young age. Having danced for the Albany Patroon’s Emerald’s dance team and back up dancing for ”Weird Al Yancovic,” Daniela found her love of acting again while being cast in Ken Davenport’s, The Awesome 80’s Prom. Performing in other Off-Broadway shows, Tony and Tina’s Wedding and Bollywood Wedding, Daniela found her calling as a physical, comedy Improv actress. Playing “Mirna” in eScape and “Cayla” in Bottle Service, this will be Daniela’s third web-series as “Darcy Danger.” Daniela currently lives in New York where she continues to work on spokesmodeling, industrials, Improv, and independent films. Having a blast with an amazing crew, cast, and well-written script! Playing Darcy has been a thrilling and fun adventure. She also can’t pronounce the word “Wookie” (this last part was added by the always funny SKU director Jeff Burns).

Super-Fun Q&A with Daniela

Catherine Mancuso – “Katie Campbell/Cheery Villain”

Catherine Mancuso was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She got her BA in Theater from SUNY New Paltz and has studied voiceover with Edge Studio. After meeting Super Knocked Up at Big Apple Comic Con and passing them her headshot and resume (on a whim!), she was super excited to get the call to be Cheery Villain (a character much like herself…minus the whole wanting to be evil thing). She has also been seen in various films with InByTheEye and has recently been seen onstage in The Last Night of Ballyhoo (Sunny) and Peter Pan (Peter/Smee). As a proud company member of Brave New World Repertory Company, she has had a chance to explore many roles, including: Anne Page in Merry Wives of Windsor (Terrace) and Marry Warren in The Crucible. View more of her work at www.CatherineMancuso.com

Super-Fun Q&A with Catherine

Natalie Bain – “Jessica James/Darkstar” – Season 1

Natalie Bain is an accomplished actress, singer and voice over talent.  She has been dancing since the age of 3 and began acting at the age of 8 in her hometown of Guilderland, NY.  Natalie attended SUNY Cortland where she double majored in both Musical Theater and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising.  While in college, she worked in Independent and Student films, commercials, industrials, modeled and continued to star in both college and regional theater.

After graduating from college, Natalie moved to Los Angeles, where she continued her studies at the Larry Moss Studio with Michelle Danner and Tim Craig.  Natalie also fine tuned her improv skills with Annie Sertich at the Groundlings School of Improv.  During her year and a half stay in L.A. she landed a speaking role on the NBC show “American Dreams” and found regular background and featured background work on Las Vegas and The Bold and the Beautiful. She can also be seen in such shows as The Office, The Unit, Privileged and Dirty Sexy Money. Natalie currently lives in New York and has had an amazing time diving into her kick-*butt* super villainous character on Super Knocked Up!

Super-Fun Q&A with Natalie

Jeff Burns – Writer/Producer/Director

Jeff always wanted to be a superhero. But since he doesn’t have any superpowers (except the power to be super-geeky) he decided to make a web series about superheroes and villains instead. He first got the film bug in college where he and his friends improv-ed an entire movie for fun. The film was about an evil twin, pimps, and Darth Vader. Deciding to make more professional and less ridiculous sounding films, Jeff made his first real short after grad school, even though he had no idea what he was doing.

When he’s not making films, Jeff tutors high school students and is co-founder of Dyslexia Consultants where he helps learning-disabled high school students improve their writing and critical reasoning skills.

He’s now in Season 2 of his web series Super Knocked Up, which has been seen over 2 million times! The series has been an official selection at LA Webfest, HollyWeb, Marseille Web Fest, and Melbourne Web Fest and is part of the lineup of online TV networks KoldCast TV and JTS. Jeff will soon get one of his dreams to come true when he gets to be on a Web Series panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Jeff is having a blast shooting the series with his amazing cast and crew! He especially enjoys it when Jourdan eats all the cheese puffs on set leaving none for anyone else and Mark asks him to tape a loin cloth to his naked junk. Super Knocked Up is based on Jeff’s actual life. Okay, not really. But he would really like to date a hot super-villain!

Super-Fun Q&A with Jeff