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Author Archives: SKU Admin

Vote 4 Us in The Streamy Awards!

The Streamy Awards have opened their nominations! Please take a few seconds and Vote for us and our web series friends! The forms are all filled out at each link. It’s super-fast and easy to vote! Just Click these Links!

Super Knocked Up/Super Geeked Up Links
Super Geeked Up (Best Live) – bit.ly/VOTE4SGU
Super Knocked Up (Best Comedy) – bit.ly/VOTE4SKU
SKU/Pete Winning (Best Collaboration) – bit.ly/SKUPeteWinning
Jourdan Gibson (Actress Comedy) – bit.ly/VOTE4JOURDAN
Mark Pezzula (Actor Comedy) – bit.ly/VOTE4MARK
Ensemble (Comedy) – bit.ly/SKUCast

Clutch Links
Clutch (Best Indie) – bit.ly/VoteforClutch
Jillian Clare (Actress Drama) – bit.ly/vote4jillianclare
Jeff Sinasac (Actor Drama) – bit.ly/VOTE4JEFF
Ensemble – bit.ly/ClutchCast

Out With Dad Links
Out With Dad (Drama) – bit.ly/VOTE4OWD
Jonathan Robbins (Actor Drama) – bit.ly/jonathanrobbins
Kate Conway (Actress) – bit.ly/voteforkateconway
Ensemble – bit.ly/OWDcast

Asset Links
Asset (Action) – bit.ly/VoteforAsset
Matthew Carvery (Actor Drama) – bit.ly/StreamysMatthewCarvery
Victoria Sullivan (Actress Drama) – bit.ly/StreamysVictoriaSullivan
Alysa King (Actress Drama) – bit.ly/StreamysAlysaKing
Ensemble – bit.ly/AssetCast

Progress Links
Progress (Sci-Fi) – bit.ly/Vote4Progress

CUCKOO (International) – bit.ly/VOTECUCKOO
Pagan McGrath (Actress Drama) – bit.ly/VOTE4PAGAN

Thanks so much everyone!  Hopefully we’ll all make it to The Streamys!


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Season 2 Finale of Super Knocked Up is Here!

The wait is over!!  Our epic Season 2 finale of our action/comedy series about a female super-villain who gets knocked up by her superhero nemesis has arrived!

In this episode (“Super-Battle!”), Jessica (Darkstar) attempts to steal an ancient artifact for Dr. Destruction with her baby along for the ride.  But when Michael (Captain Amazing) shows up she has to prevent him from finding out she brought their baby on a crime spree!

This finale has everything!  Fight scenes, super-power baby shenanigans, new villains, and superhero/super-villain romance!

Please check it out below!  We’d also love it if you could Like and Comment on the YouTube page and share with your friends :)

The YouTube link is http://bit.ly/SKUSeason2Finale

Thanks so much!


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Super Geeked Up Wins IAWTV Award!

Super-exciting news!  We won an IAWTV Award for Best Supplemental Content for our live Super Geeked Up show!  Woohoo!!

IAWTV is the International Academy of Web Television, a fantastic organization of web series creators from around the world.

The 2014 IAWTV Awards were held January 7 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and hosted by Carrie Preston from True Blood and The Good Wife.  The show celebrates the best in original online entertainment.

We’re ridiculously proud and thrilled to have won!  Super-thanks to the IAWTV Awards and huge congrats to all the other winners and nominees!

Visit IAWTV at www.iawtv.org to find out more and how you can become a member.

You can watch the show here!


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Super Knocked Up and Super Geeked Up Nominated for IAWTV Awards!

We are proud to announce that Super Knocked Up and Super Geeked Up have been nominated for a combined five IAWTV awards!

Best Visual Effects (Digital) - Super Knocked Up – Daniel DeFabio and Christopher Vincelette
Best Hosted Series (Live) - Super Geeked Up
Best Host (Live) - Jeff Burns – Super Geeked Up
Best Interactive/Social Media Experience - Super Geeked Up
Best Supplemental Content - Super Geeked Up

Click here for the announcement and full list of nominees.

Congratulations to Jeff, Jourdan, Mark, Dianne, and Giselle, as well as all of the guests and viewers for making SGU such an awesome series. And congratulations to Daniel and Christopher for their awesome VFX work on SKU.


The 2014 IAWTV Awards will take place on January 7 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and will be live-streamed online. To purchase tickets to the IAWTV Awards, go to http://www.iawtv.org/tickets-for-the-2014-iawtv-awards/

You can watch Super Geeked Up live every Wednesday at 11PM ET and all of Super Knocked Up at www.youtube.com/SKUWebSeries.

And check out our latest episode of Super Knocked Up below!

Season 2 – Episode 4 – “Super-Family”

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We’re off to Europe! Raindance, Marseille, and ITVFest!

Super Knocked Up is in three awesome festivals this week and next and we’re super-excited!

Raindance London Web Fest

Writer/Director Jeff Burns is off to London for Raindance London Web Fest, which takes place Sept. 28-29. SKU will screen on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the Vue Piccadilly Cinema in Piccadilly Circus in London. As part of the screening, Jeff will on the Know Your Niche, Know Your Audience panel.

Check out the web series, films, and panels at Raindance at http://raindancefestival.org/webfest/ The festival, which is the largest in Europe, runs through Oct. 6.


SKU is also part of the awesome Independent Television & Film Festival this week in Dover and Wilmington, Vermont. The fest runs Sept. 26-28 and SKU screens each day with a Q&A after the Sat., Sept. 28 2:00 p.m. screening. Actor Mark Pezzula, Executive Producer Christopher Schiller, Co-Producer/Assistant Director Justin Stewart, and Casting Director Mark Fallon will be at the fest representing SKU.

Get all the info at www.itvfest.com

Marseille Web Fest

A few days after Raindance, Jeff will hop over to France for Marseille Web Fest! This will be Jeff’s first time in France and he can’t wait to screen SKU with French subtitles and speak on a panel. The festival runs Oct. 4-5.

You can get more info at http://www.marseillewebfest.org/#!/cw5o

It’s a super-exciting time for SKU! Huge thanks to Raindance, ITVFest, and Marseille Web Fest for selecting us. We’ll report back with plenty of pics after the festivals.

Thanks so much for being amazing fans of Super Knocked Up!

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Download the Super Knocked Up Comic Book for Free!

We’re so excited that we’re going to San Diego Comic-Con that we’re giving away the digital version of Issue #1 of the Super Knocked Up Comic Book for free!

SKU Issue 1 comic img comic img

Click Here to Download the Comic Book as a PDF

Click Here to Download the Comic Book as a CBR

And please watch our super-funny web series about our kick-ass super-villain Darkstar and womanizing superhero Captain Amazing trying to raise a baby together!

Click here to start with Season 1!

And watch our Season 2 episodes below!

Huge thanks to anyone we met at San Diego Comic Con who is reading this! Thank you for checking out our series and comic book :) Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

And please Subscribe to us on YouTube. Thanks so much!

Season 2 – Episode 1 – “Welcome to the Family”

Season 2 – Episode 2 – “Super-Preggers”

Season 2 – Episode 3 – “Super-Baby!”

To stay up to date on Super Knocked Up news and announcements, or to submit a question to be answered on a future episode of our weekly Google+ Hangout, Super Geeked Up, click on the links below:

Subscribe to us on Youtube at www.youtube.com/skuwebseries.

Follow us on Twitter @SuperKnockedUp.

Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/superknockedup.

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Jourdan and Jeff on Panel at San Diego Comic-Con!

Webseries Creators Assemble! That’s the title of the super-cool panel lead actress Jourdan Gibson and Writer/Director Jeff Burns will be on next week at San Diego Comic-Con.

They’ll be joined by some of the coolest creators and stars in the web series world: Jane Espenson (Buffy, Once Upon a Time, Husbands), Brad Bell (Husbands), Sandeep Parikh (The Guild, Save The Supers), Katrina Hill and Alex Langley (Geeks and Gamers Anonymous), and Tara Platt and Stephanie Thorpe (Shelf Life).

The panel will be Thurs. July 18 at 7:30 p.m. in Room 24ABC at the San Diego Convention Center.

Check out the full Comic-Con schedule here!

Jourdan and Jeff’s Comic-Con Adventure will also feature them interviewing tons of cosplayers and Jourdan posing for pics in her Darkstar costume.

And another Super Mashed Up crossover video with the awesome actresses from the web series GUIDES.

Be sure to visit our Facebook Page throughout Comic-Con and afterwards for amazing cosplay pics and super-cool videos! Thanks so much!

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SKU Is Web Series of the Week at We Love Soaps and Hypable.com!

We are excited to announce that last week’s episode of Super Knocked Up (Season 2, Episode 3 – “Super-Baby!”) won the We Love Soaps Indie Series of the Week Poll!

In addition, we swept the rest of the poll, with Jessica James/Darkstar and Michael Masters/Captain Amazing coming in first place for Favorite Couple, Jourdan Gibson (Jessica James/Darkstar) coming in first place for Favorite Actress, and Mark Pezzula (Michael Masters/Captain Amazing) coming in first place for Favorite Actor! A huge thank you to all the fans that took the time to vote for us! You can view the results here.

We are also proud to announce that we were selected as Webseries of the Week by Hypable.com. Selina Wilken had this to say about Super Knocked Up…

“With its impressive visual effects and talented, hilarious cast, Super Knocked Up puts a fresh a spin on the familiar superhero genre – not least because the show’s protagonist is actually the villain.”

Click here to read the rest of the article, as well as Hypable’s interview with Jeff, Jourdan, and Mark.

Thank you again to all of the fans! You guys make this possible.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the latest episode of Super Knocked Up, check it out below!

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Season 2 – Episode 3 has premiered!

Season 2 – Episode 3 “Super-Baby!” is here!

Jessica gives birth during a super-pregnancy! And she discovers how difficult it is trying to plan her next villainous crime when Michael goes to save the day and leaves her to take care of the baby all by herself.

To stay up to date on Super Knocked Up news and announcements, or to submit a question to be answered on a future episode of our weekly Google+ Hangout, Super Geeked Up, click on the links below:

Subscribe to us on Youtube at www.youtube.com/skuwebseries.

Follow us on Twitter @SuperKnockedUp.

Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/superknockedup.

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Awards, Comic Con, and Season 2 Episode 3 Premiere!

Congratulations to Jeff and the cast/crew of Super Knocked Up! SKU has won an award for “Most Original Web Series” at the 1st Annual Geekie Awards. http://www.thegeekieawards.com/2013-nominees/web-series/

The award show will be Sunday, August 18th, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM (PST) at The Avalon in Hollywood, CA. Anyone who would like to attend the show to support Super Knocked Up or any of the other award winners can purchase tickets or get more information at http://www.thegeekieawards.com/tickets/. Public seating is limited, so get your tickets soon.

Super Knocked Up has also won a Geeky Award from ComicUno for “Best Geeky Webshow”. Thanks to all the fans that voted for SKU, you guys are the reason we won! You can watch the winner announcement video below, along with Jeff, Jourdan, and Mark’s announcement vid where they thank all the fans (SKU segment starts just past the 16:00 mark, but please watch the whole vid to see all the other winners). Also, please visit www.youtube.com/user/haydenclaireheroes to subscribe to ComicUno and see more of her vids.

Also, Jeff and Jourdan have been invited to San Diego Comic Con (THE Comic Con) to join in on a Web Series panel. This is a HUGE opportunity for Super Knocked Up, and if anyone is going, or can make it, please make sure to get your space in the audience for the panel. Comic Con 2013 will take place July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center. For more information, or to get tickets, you can visit their site at http://www.comic-con.org/cci. The Web Series panel will be Thursday, July 18 at 7:30-8:30 PM in Room 24 ABC.

And finally, we can announce that Season 2 Episode 3 will premiere next Wednesday, June 19. You can watch the episode at Koldcast.tv, or subscribe to our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/skuwebseries.

And from Jeff and the cast and crew, thanks again to all of the fans! You guys are what make the show, and all of these honors possible!

Brad Chapman
SKU Social Media

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